CAR ENTERTAINMENT - Installation Accessories - L44-3187-96


Use the mounting sleeve to mount the unit for quick installation and removal

For Models: DDX271 DDX318 DDX319 DDX370 DDX371 DDX418 DDX419 DDX470 DDX471HD DDX491HD DDX512 DDX514 DDX516 DDX616 DDX712 DDX714 DDX896 DNN770HD DNN990HD DNX512EX DNX570HD DNX570TR DNX690HD DNX890HD DNX5060EX DNX5080EX DNX5120 DNX5140 DNX5160 DNX5180 DNX5190 DNX6020EX DNX6040EX DNX6140 DNX6160 DNX6180 DNX6190HD DNX6960 DNX6980 DNX6990HD DNX7000EX DNX7020EX DNX7120 DNX7160 DNX7180 DNX7190HD DDX812 DDX814 DNX8120 DNX9140 DNX9960 DNX9980HD DNX9990HD DNX6000EX DDX6017 DNX7140 DDX7017 DDX8017 DDX7015 DDX6019 DDX7019 DNX7100 DDX8019
Item Number: L44-3187-96
Price: $7.76
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