CAR ENTERTAINMENT - iPOD/Android Interfaces - KCA-IP202


Kenwood's KCA-iP202 USB Direct Connection Cable connects your compatible iPod or iPhone® to select 2011-up Kenwood multimedia receivers with a front-panel USB port and front-panel 3.5mm audio/video input, so you can enjoy listening to your music when you're on the road, and viewing video content when parked. You'll control and charge your device while it's connected, too.

The KCA-iP202 is a total of 6' long, from the iPod connector to the A/V minijack. The length of the cable from the iPod connector to the end of the USB connector is 3".

The Apple product side of the cable is the older style 30 pin connector 

For Models: DDX23BT DDX271 DDX272 DDX370 DDX371 DDX372BT DDX373BT DDX392 DDX393 DDX470 DDX471HD DDX491HD DDX492 DDX573BH DDX593 DDX672BH DDX719 DDX770 DDX771 DDX773BH DDX790 DDX793 DDX5901HD DDX5902 DDX6702S DDX6902S DDX7701HD DDX8901HD DDX9702S DDX9902S DNN770HD DNN990HD DNN991HD DNN992 DNX570HD DNX570TR DNX571EX DNX571HD DNX571TR DNX572BH DNX690HD DNX691HD DNX692 DNX771HD DNX772BH DNX890HD DNX891HD DNX892 DNX990HD DNX5060EX DNX5180 DNX5190 DNX6180 DNX6190HD DNX6980 DNX6990HD DNX7180 DNX7190HD DNX9990HD DPX308U KIV701 KIVBT901 KDCBT952HD KVT7012BT
Item Number: KCA-IP202
Price: $30.00
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