CAR ENTERTAINMENT - Installation Accessories - Q93-6369-32


For fast removal of the unit

Sold individually but 2 are needed

For Models: KDC35MR KDC38MR KRC308S KDC115S KDC215S KDC315S KDC315V KDC415S KDC2006 KDC2011S KDC3005 KDC3011 KDC4003 KDC4005 KDC4007 KDC4009 KDC4011S KDC4015 KDC5005 KDC5007 KDC5011 KDC6005 KDC6007 KDC6009 KDC6011 KDC7005 KDC8005 KDCD300 KDCD301 KDCPS709 KDCS3007 KGC9044 KRC108S KRC225 KRC235 KVT910DVD KVT911DVD VZ907 KRC208S KRC28MR KDCS2007 KDCS2009 KDCS3009 KDCS5009 KRC408
Item Number: Q93-6369-32
Price: $1.23
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