CAR ENTERTAINMENT - iPOD/Android Interfaces - UKY-FQ933


HDMI cable for connecting iPhone® 5 and Apple® Lightning™ digital AV adapter to select Kenwood receivers

For Models: DNX893S DNX773S DNX693S DNX753S DNX7160BTS DNX5160BTS DDX5901HD DDX5902 DDX7701HD DDX8901HD DDX9702S DDX9902S DNN992 DNX571EX DNX571HD DNX571TR DNX572BH DNX691HD DNX692 DNX771HD DNX772BH DNX891HD DNX892 DNN991HD KVT7012BT DDX6703S DDX6903S DDX9703S DDX9903S
Item Number: UKY-FQ933
Price: $20.00
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